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Wild Terra’s 9.55 Halloween Update Launches Alongside a Huge Sale

Wild Terra - Halloween Update -image

The world of Wild Terra is enshrouded in darkness as the 9.55 Halloween Update hits. The land is overflowing with evil, and pumpkins are growing with horrific speed. Players can make Jack-o’-lanterns to help dispel evil from the trees, but players should be advised to take friends. These Unholy trees will not be dispelled so easy. But defeating three waves of Infernal animals will also net players a Demonic Chest, which has a wealth of unique prizes in it. In the Events section of the Auction appeared prizes that can be obtained by exchanging them for the Brains of the zombie animals. It’s can be obtained from all cursed monsters. Those Jack-o’-lanterns can also be mounted on each other, to build poles. If the brain of cursed animals and fertilizers are added to the Jack Pillar, then in time it will turn into a Zombie Pumpkin! In addition, Wild Terra will be available for 75% until November 5th.

Wild Terra Halloween Event Cosmetics:
– Unique Mounts: Unholy bull, Unholy deer, Unholy bear, Unholy boar, Unholy wolf.
– Unique Pets: Unholy Fox, Carnivorous Pumpkin, Corrupted Rat
– Outfit: Witch’s Hat, Pumpkin Helmet, Witch’s Cloak (cloak only from the chest)
– Unique title “Trick-or-Treat”

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