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Wild Terra Update 9.56 Arrives

Wild Terra 9.56 Update

Wild Terra released their 9.56 Update back on December 15th, and with it came the free “Royal Treasures” DLC. A new type of castle comes in this update, the “Royal Castle”, which is surrounded by a moat, features two entrances with iron gratings and drawbridges. Industrial buildings within are more spacious, and a few of them are also more efficient on top of that. EG: a stone crusher grinds stones and ore so gently that the result corresponds to manual processing, and the chance of getting iron in the Effective Crucible Shop is reduced to 20%. Within the Royal Castle players can also seek out the Royal Treasure Hunt, which is a new game event designed for a group of players. The difficulty and rewards are still be balanced, though. A wealth of adjustments and improvements were also made, which can be found in the link below.

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