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Wild Terra – Steam Free Weekend and Huge Sale

People interested in Wild Terra can play for free this weekend, and they also announced a sale that ends on October 1st, 2018. Wild Terra is 67% off (4.94, normally 14.99). This is on the heels of two major updates in September, 9.53 and 9.54. 9.53 updated Treasure Maps, graphics optimization and other updates like effects from food. 9.54 was a smaller update, but added Scrolls of Blessing to increase the growth of all characteristics by 200%. These can be found in Treasures, Chests, and by killing monsters in the Corrupted Lands. Enchanted Tools also came in this update, which is similar to iron tools of 125% quality. These are useful to beginners, since they give +25% bonus to success chance, cannot be accidentally broken and when they reach 0 durability, stop working and can be repaired.

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