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Wild Buster: Name a Boss with the Crowdfunding Campaign

Wild Buster news - Main Image

Following last weeks announcement of Insel Games working with Nuri Works, the IndieGoGo campaign for Wild Buster goes live today. There are lots of different packs to fund (Founder Editions) and gives backers a chance to enter the alpha Test and shape the version of the game that will come to the west. There are physical rewards (t-shirts) as well as in-game items (mounts, pets). The more exclusive┬árewards include backers being able to name a Boss NPC, join the launch party on the isle of Malta, or visit the dev team in Korea/monthly update call. There is also a unique item, a “Star Duck” figurine, handcrafted by the Nuri Works CEO himself. Only two exist, and it would be an incredible get to anyone who is enamoured with this forthcoming game. Below, you can see everything on offer as this game enters the crowdfunding phase.

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