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Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Kicks Off Alpha Today

Wild Buster news - Main Image

Planet Titan is in need of immediate emergency assistance! Evil Cyborgs are overrunning the place and Insel Games is sending in an elite group to resolve it: The Wild Busters! For those who backed Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan on Indiegogo, Alpha access is available! For this week, they’ll be scheduled to defend the planet and try out the fourteen heroes presently in the game, from either the Guardians or Abandon factions. C0-op gameplay awaits, as well as raid dungeons as countless of “The Broken” are decimated. This feedback will be used to improve mechanics/in-game features and test server structure/integrity. Those who purchased the “Chosen Few Perk” and above started last Friday and assisted with the first major stress test.

Insel Games is extending their Indiegogo campaign by an additional three weeks to give potential latecomers a chance to sign-up for the Alpha by backing the game!

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