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WeMade USA Updates Lost Saga and Launches Free Pass Community Event

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WeMade USA has updated the popular PC fighting MMO, Lost Saga, with a new Premium character, game map, and game mode, continuing its mission to keep the game fresh with ongoing new content. The company also announced a new Free Pass event that will put more free items, gold, and experience in the hands of players. WeMade USA is committed to making Lost Saga the online destination for PC fighting fans with regular updates and a lively community.

The swashbuckling Swordsman Baek becomes the game’s second Premium character, joining Iori Yagami, the star of The King of Fighters, as Premium Heroes who bring recognizable characters to join the throng of original Heroes already available for play. Swordsman Baek’s special attacks include the ability to fire multiple arrows and the stabbing combo Trident Attack. Crown Control mode, also added in the update, brings a new mode where two teams try to control and defend a crown. The team whose player manages to control the crown until a countdown bar fills wins the match, but if the ‘crowned’ player is knocked out the crown passes to the other team for the process to begin again. The treacherous Cube map adds a new fighting level built from cubes, complete with dangerous ‘drop’ ledges that can send players falling to their doom.

Currently in progress, the Free Pass event gives players GP, useful items, and an Event Ticket to claim Legendary Gear from the Event Shop. Logging in on certain days will gain bonus items, and weekend play on the weekends of May 18 and May 25 will garner a 50% boost to GP and EXP.

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