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Welcome to the Relaunched MMOHuts

Hello all and welcome to the first stages of the relaunch for the new and improved MMOHuts! This is 4 year General Manager, DizzyPW wanting to introduce our long time viewers and first time visitors to the key improvements we’ve made. But first a quick note, if you’re looking for older content to share or rewatch, it might not be available for a few. We’re still in the process of manually transferring large quantities of videos, news, and game profiles from the old site. We got more than a week head start on transferring though and should have all your favorite posts up on the new site soon!

Our homepage now features much easier to find content with far less ads. You can now discover our four most recent videos, as well as two recommended videos here, as well as our two most recent written features. News with related image thumbnails along with our three featured giveaways are now present if you scroll a bit further down! And if you missed out on one of JamesBl0nde’s recent streams, or a important feature revealing publisher stream is happening live, you’ll be able to find out with our new Twitch.TV widget just right of the news!
Regular visitor and want to see what’s new in a hurry? Our trending top bar menu will let you know the three latest sections that have been updated. The rest of our sections can be found in the drop down menu featured right next to it. The top bar search functionality is also much improved over our previous site.
Game Category Listing
We’ve cut out the excess info most users don’t care about and improved our search engine to make finding games you’re looking for, or browsing games you might be interested in, an easier experience. Games are more properly categorized now so you only need to browse through want you’re interested in.
Upcoming Games
Curious what games we’re excited for? Want to know our estimates of when they’ll be available? This shortened list will tell you all you need to know. Currently it’s a work in progress but should be functional and awesome shortly.
Check out our content team’s thoughts on trending games in our updated preview/review section, a one stop browse for all our latest content focused on game betas and launches.
The rest of the site should be just as you remembered it minus one or two key tweaks. So check it out and feel free to share your thoughts on how we can continue to improve, or where things don’t seem to be working as intended.

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