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Web Koihime Musou Officially Launches

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Gamania has announced the official launch of its web-based strategy game, Web Koihime Musou.

The official launch of the game includes several gameplay improvements, and the launch of the Item Mall with over 40 new Battle Maidens to woo players’ hearts. Twelve Maidens will be available from individual cards, and 36 other Maidens will be available in a new Random Warlord Card.  Players will continue to use their Battle Maidens to push for the unity of the three kingdoms, manage their kingdoms and armies, and enjoy the Koihime fandom.

Web Koihime Musou is also launching a Facebook event next week, letting players pick the next Battle Maiden to be added to the game (and at a discounted price).

Gamania also publishes Lucent Heart and Divina.

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Battle Maiden Warfare Hits Browsers Everywhere

IRVINE, Calif. – July 17, 2012 – Gamania Digital Entertainment (US) announced today that its free-to-play browser-based strategy game, Web Koihime Musou, has officially launched – bringing gameplay improvements and an Item Mall with over 40 new Battle Maidens. Players everywhere are invited to help unify the three kingdoms from directly within their browser by creating a free beanfun! account at:

“We’d like to thank everyone for their support during Web Koihime Musou’s recent beta testing,” said David Wong, COO of Gamania. “It was great hearing that so many players were enjoying the game and we’ve been able to improve the experience with their feedback. We’re looking forward to seeing both new and old players in-game today for our commercial launch.”

Web Koihime Musou is Gamania’s newest browser-based strategy game based on the popular Koihime IP. Staying true to the series, players can acquire alluring Battle Maidens straight out of the Koihime universe to fight alongside them in their quest to unify the three kingdoms. And strategy fans will feel right at home as they manage resources, build up a kingdom and army, and ultimately challenge rivals for the right to rule the land.

Web Koihime Musou features over 100 unique Battle Maiden Warlords, and fans looking to start their collection will have over 40 to choose from at launch. Players can select from 12 Individual Warlord cards for that specific Battle Maiden they’ve had their eye on, or grab a Random Warlord card which offers a chance at one of 36 different Battle Maidens that can’t be found in the individual section. More info can be found here:

For those who still don’t see their favorite Battle Maiden from the Koihime Musou series, Gamania is launching a new Facebook event next week where players get to pick which Battle Maiden is added into the game next. On Mondays, two Battle Maidens will be listed at the official Facebook page ( for the community to vote on throughout the week. The Battle Maiden who receives the most votes during the week will be listed in the Item Mall on the following Tuesday for players to purchase at a special discounted price.

New players can try Web Koihime Musou in just minutes – with no download – by signing up at Returning beta players can sign into their existing accounts for access.

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