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Wartune Arrives On Aeria Games

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Aeria Games has announced the launch of Wartune, a real-time strategy MMORPG.

Wartune comes fully armed with deep gameplay options and a high level of polish. Players always have plenty to do: take on missions in campaign mode, upgrade the buildings in their town, capture resource nodes, and attend to their personal farms for additional income. And when players want to take on the toughest challenges, they can assault gigantic world bosses alongside hundreds of their peers and test their mettle against other players in arena battles.

The fast-paced interactive combat is one of Wartune’s strongest weapons. Players charge into battle with their chosen character along with two contingents of troops, exchanging blows automatically with enemies. Meanwhile, players can generate rage through an array of combat abilities and spend it to activate their most powerful skills. Quick-time events requiring fast reflexes are also built into many of the strongest abilities to keep players on their toes!

To celebrate the launch of Wartune on Aeria Browser, Aeria Games is running several events to reward dedicated players both in-game and on Facebook, such as contests to award prizes to high-level alliances and top players for the first two weeks. Even more promotional events will also run through the game’s first month.

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