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Warspear Online’s ‘Breath of Frost’ Holiday Event is Live

Warspear Online - Breath of Frost - Image

A new holiday-event island is on Warspear Online for the ‘Breath of Frost’ event, which will be available until the end of January. To get there, go to a major city and find the “Snowy Bound Herald”, which will help you get where you’re going. A variety of quests will be available, from launching fireworks to collecting presents or clashing with players of the opposing alliance. If you complete the main storyline you will reveal the Paladin of Frost’s true identity and get collectible decorative rewards. Six dungeons for every character’s level are available as well, with incredible equipment awaiting the victorious. Four group bosses of varying levels are also lurking that drop unique weapons and other trophies.  There are also group/solo attractions to visit, a gigantic battle with the army of the Paladin of Frost, and then a guild raid boss against the Paladin of Frost himself.

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