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Warrior Epic updates to build 4.003

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Warrior Epic is patching to build 4.003 tonight, a major patch for the game. The patch introduces a new tutorial quest called “The Journey” which will replace the previous tutorial quest. Players above level 20 can look forward to Boss Megafauna, a new boss in the Ruins of Aberas.  The update also adds new lobby NPCs, a new Prestige shop, refines the combat system, and makes many other fixes and changes to the game. The full update notes are below.

Update Notes:

New Features

We have a new Tutorial Quest called “The Journey”.
 We have completed removed the old quest which many in the community asked to improve.
 We have created a new quest which will be simpler and shorter for players when they enter Warrior Epic.
 First time players are able to purchase different characters with initial prestige of 200 then a dialog box will guide them to the new Tutorial Quest.
 If a player who enters does not wish to run through the Tutorial, we have added a skip tutorial.

We also have a new and more formidable boss in Warrior Epic. Allow me to introduce you all to “Boss Megafauna”.
 This new boss can be found in the Ruins of Aberas and will be a challenge for our level 20+ players.

There will be a new Prestige Shop in Warrior Epic.
 The new shop will be located in the 3D Lobby.
 There will be 5 items available in the store: Fireball and Waterball scrolls, Rage, Minor Renew, and Minor Health Potions.

New Lobby NPC’s for players to interact with.
• General Goods Merchant: This NPC will have prestige items for players to purchase.
• Guard Providence: This NPC will provide information to the leader boards and game list. You also be able to create games from this NPC.

Game Updates and Changes

Warrior Epic Combat.
• Improved the combat control system which enhances the combat operation to make it smoother and more intense
 No scope selection operation required for self-centered circular AOE
 The target selection won’t be cancelled by auto-attack
 A individual unit won’t be selected by the AOE skill
 To select the target by casting the AOE skill
 Fun-shaped & Linear AOE will no longer allow players to cast the skill by clicking on a beyond yard
3d Lobby Client
• Problems fixed:
 Couldn’t activate the event board by right clicking on the avatar
 Equipment parts spread around the 3D Lobby
Formula Changes
• We continue to tweak and find the right formula for Warrior Epic.
• Currently, we have not made this available. However, once we find a working formula, we will post this information to the community.

Some Minor UI Changes
• Adjusted the altitude of the display name above the avatar’s head.
• Modified the text color in the Shopping Basket: changed blue to golden
• Target the monster by clicking the portrait but not start attacking.
• Added icons for each NPC.
• Updated some quest item icons.
• Minor behind the scene updates.

New Customization Changes, Fixes, and Removals

• Modified Assassin running animations.
• Modified skills “Sweep”, “Full Sweep”, “Ambidexterity” and “Greater Ground Shatter” animations for the Pit Fighter.
• Modified skills “Raven’s Dream”, “Raven’s Nightmare”, “Frightful Visions”, “Hell Fire”, “Minion Wave”, “Minion Shock Wave”, “Minion Rush”, “Weaken”, “Greater Weaken” animations for the Illusionist.
• Updated Pangolan BodyArmor.
• Modified skill “Firestorm” special effect for the Pangolan.
• Updated Devotress Helmet appearance.
• Fixed the skill “Point Blank” upgrade cool down description in the skill display panel.
• Modified special effect “Haymaker” for the Archer.
• Removed Legendary Warrior stats, which include all Quest accomplishment and the flame effect on their shoulders.
• New boss quest “Megafauna’s Lair” to “Ruins of Aberas ”(Lv20+). There is a new special effect while selecting the quest on the World Map.
• Added new tutorial quest “The Journey” to “Ruins of Aberas ”, modified story intro images
• Updated quest item icons
• Added some quest icons in the World Map
• Forest Friend – Improved movement speed.
• Rock Spider – Modified appearance, walking & running speed.
• Conch & Big Conch – updated animations, adjusted walking & running speed.
• Sawtooth & Large Sawtooth – Adjusted walking & running speed.
• Secret Friend – updated animations, adjusted walking & running speed.
• Furious Friend – updated animations, adjusted walking & running speed.
• Saberdog – updated animations, adjusted walking & running speed.
• Vermin_fearcat01 – Updated animations, adjusted walking & running speed.
• Evil Soulmate (Illusionist’s Summoner) – added a new icon & modified some effects.
• Northland Archer – added running animations
• Trog Bruiser & Trog Champion – updated animations
• Megafauna – added new skills “Shockwave”, “Anger”, “Purge”, “Hell Fire”, “Stomp”
• Added new combat monster NPCs “Monster_ProvidenceSoldier” & “ Monster_ProvidenceSoldierLance”

Environment Art and Animation Modifications
• Updated and Modified several areas of art and animations in rooms and hallways:
 Swamp
 Monster Mansion
 Aberas City Ruins
 Red City
 Workshop Archer Room

Reported bug fixes: The following are fixed in this build.

 Trogken Swamps – Family Ties – dialogue correction.
 Trogken Swamps – The Stash: Quest name did not fit quest objective.
 Trogken Swamps – The Stash: Quest introduction had a text error.
 Faustus Estate – The Evil Eye: Avatar dialogue in dining area.
 Quest: Faustus Estates – Heart of the Mansion: “Kill ‘The Guardian’” quest objective text error.
 Ruins of Aberas – Missing Soldiers: Quest introduction grammatical error.
 Ruins of Aberas – Tatiana’s Legacy: “Traitors” quest objective text error.
 Ruins of Aberas – Ruins of Infestation I and II objective quest text error.
 Guardians being stuck behind a door.
 Guardians destroying doors.
 Trogken Swamps: Berry Hunt: Spelling error.
 Trogken Swamps: The Hidden Mine: Escaped Slave bubble dialogue error.
 Welkin Warrens: Hidden Knowledge: Table containing golden card text error.
 Welkin Warrens: Cleansing the Welkins: Main objective met text error.
 Trogken Swamps: The Hand of Justice: Dialogue error.
 Trogken Swamps: The Hand of Justice: Quest does not complete upon killing the boss.
 Trogken Swamps: Gas Roots: Taskmaster UI dialogue error.
 Troken Swamps: Gas Roots: 2nd “Main objective met” notifier text error.
 Trogken Swamps: Berry Hunt: Main objective and completed main objective text errors.
 Faustus Estate: Arabellis’s Call: Exorcism dialogue error.
 Faustus Estate: Arabellis’s Call: Arabellis dialogue error upon breaching the Soul Chamber.
 Faustus Estate: Arabellis’s Call: Avatar dialogue error when clicking on the gate prior to speaking with Arabellis.
 Faustus Estate: Arabellis’s Call: Introduction title error.
 Faustus Estate: Arabellis’s Call: Avatar dialogue error when all monsters are dead.
 Welkin Warrens: Forcible Persuasion: Quest introduction text error.
 Trogken Swamps: The Pathfinder: Caravan Leader dialogue error.
 Trogken Swamps: The Iron War: Grammatical error.
 Welkin Warrens: The Oracle: Correction made in Characters Dialogue.
 Ruins of Aberas: Tatiana’s Legacy: “Tatiana’s Blade” text error
 Trogken Swamps: Text error in Miner Rescue.
 Faustus Estate: Heart of the Mansion: “Kill ‘The Cook’” objective completed text error.
 Faustus Estate: The Pursuit: Players would see an Avatar dialogue error attempting to open mansion door prematurely.
 Faustus Estate: The Pursuit: Northland Soldier dialogue error.
 Faustus Estate: The Pursuit: Quest introduction text error.
 Faustus Estate: The Pursuit: Avatar dialogue error when opening the 1st garden gate.
 Faustus Estate: The Pursuit: Avatar dialogue error when opening the mansion door.
 Faustus Estate: Bride of Morocain: Avatar dialogue error when interacting with locked “Hidden Piece” door.
 Faustus Estate: Bride of Morocain: Avatar dialogue error when music chest appears.
 Welkin Warrens: The Rustler’s Revenge: “Have a Chat” quest objective text error.
 Battle Arena: Gear Drops aren’t showing in player inventory

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