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Warrior Epic Build 4.002

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Warrior Epic has updated to a new patch, build 4.002. This patch fixes many community-reported bugs and errors.

Patch Notes:

Design changes and updates:

1. Removed the tutorial instruction after complete the tutorial quest, immediately goes to the Summary Mission.
2. Replaced previous “Help” icons with “Question Mark” icons
3. Modified the Help Instructions in the War Room: all instruction contents are displayed in the dialogue boxes.
4. Modified in-game help instructions: changed the blood slot icon from hearts to the bar and unified words “Life” and “Heart” with “Health”.

Program updates and changes:

1. Fixed a bug that showed warrior descriptions instead of display names in the 3d lobby.
2. Fixed an issue that the action/skill effect lag behind the animation
3. Anytime a player purchases gold, the transaction will now take place in real time. If for some unforeseen reason a player does not see the gold immediately, log out of the game and log back in. You will see the gold on your account.

Detailed bug fixes:

• Words which were overlapping in enemy descriptions have been fixed.
• Addressed Room Full error messaging to correctly report the status of a room.
• The Faustus Estate – Quest “Evil Eye” used to provide a double message when finishing the quest, this has now been fixed.
• In PVP we corrected the incorrect parameters for repairing buildings.
• Warrior Skill points are now correctly calculating
• Demon Onslaught needed some minor grammar changes.
• Additional grammar changes for the objective window for Arabellis’s Call.
• We received reports of players who when starting and exiting a game, traveling in the 3D Lobby the game would crash. This has been addressed.
• Text Changes Heart of the Mansion: “Kill ‘The Guardian” objective text error has been fixed. “Kill the Guardian??” (sniff)
• In Tempest Blade: The blind effect did not work correctly, this has been fixed.
• An additional 50+ grammar and text errors on various quests and descriptions.
• In the “Endless Garden” there was an invisible wall which prevented users from completing the quest. This has been fixed.
• Players could not receive the correct dialog for “The Oracle 2”, this has been fixed.
• The skill “Devoted Followers” skill for the Devotress now works correctly.
• In the 3D Lobby, players can now use the WASD keys.
• In “Faustus Estate” in the “Evil Eyes” no longer has a bed that blocks the players view.

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