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Warlords Awakening’s Early Access Begins Next Week

Warlords Awakening Early Access -image

Playwith Interactive announced today that they have a release date for the Early Access for Warlords Awakening on Steam. Wednesday, August 1 is the big day, and there four races and five classes to choose from. The races are Sapiens, Naru, Kartu and Liru, and the classes are Assassin, Blood Knight, Hunter, Mage, and Psychic. More than a hundred pets and six dungeons will be available across the continents in-game, though the first that will be available is the Tara continent. A wealth of combinations are available for players seeking to be the strongest warlord, and can also expect a wide range of weapons and armor over the 40 levels they will seek to overcome. Playwith also promises that the content and the activities of the game will be expanded significantly as the game grows.

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