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Warkeepers Now Available In English

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Publisher NovoPlay and developer SkyDreams Software are introducing Warkeepers to the English-speaking community.

The free-to-play shooter unfolds in an alternate version of World War II, where advanced military technology has found its way into the hands of the Third Reich. The gameplay is similar to multi-player shooters from a top-down perspective.

The game is available in English as of today for testing at, and anyone who creates a character before June 20 will earn 100 extra gold bars for their account.

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Warkeepers: A bullet hell shooter!

In June of this year, the NovoPlay publisher and SkyDreams-Software introduced the gaming community to the new, free-to-play MMO-shooter Warkeepers, wherein events unfold in an alternative universe at the time of World War II!

Beginning June 8, 2012, the English version of the MMOTPS Warkeepers will be available for evaluation!

Players will discover a World War II in which the most advanced military technology of the Third Reich has been brought to life: armed Zeppelins, massive artillery systems, and genetically engineered soldiers. And it all happens in the midst of whirlwind action and history in the tradition of the best old-school multiplayer shooters.

Now anyone can take part in the battles of the Great War! Everyone who registers and creates a character before June 20, 2012 will have 100 gold bars added to their account!

Smash the enemy!

Volunteers are being recruited now at

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