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Wargaming today announced the new advancements to League tournament gameplay. Beginning next season, the battle format of the League will become more accessible and captivating by implementing an all new Attack/Defense mode. This mode has been thoroughly tested and approved by professional World of Tanks players, and being specifically built off their feedback, will completely change the way tournament battles unfold.

Attack/Defense sets precise goals for competing teams. One team works to defend two bases while the other team seeks to capture those bases, removing the option of a match ending in a draw. Conceptualized in cooperation with professional gamers, Attack/Defense battle format encourages teams to be proactive and makes each match exciting to watch.

Beginning next season all League regions will implement the new mode, giving players the current season to master the new additions before the upcoming Grand Finals.

“We work closely with professional gamers to constantly enhance World of Tanks tournament gameplay,” said Mohamed Fadl, eSports Director Europe & North America at Wargaming. “The new Attack/Defense Mode is a direct result of our cooperation with players and will significantly amplify both the player and spectator experience in future tournaments.”
“Wargaming sincerely promotes a culture of player-focused game design,” said Dima “SL1DE” Frishman, Professional Gamer from Na’Vi. “We are grateful they take all of our feedback into consideration for World of Tanks, and are eager to continue working together to evolve the game’s competitive component.”
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