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Wargaming Announces 15 Year Anniversary Specials and Sales

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In celebration of Wargaming’s 15 year anniversary, World of Tanks players will be able to get in on the festivities with some great deals and in-game specials during the month of August. Below is a complete list of all deals and promotions, as well as the dates they’ll be active:

World of Tanks

August 2nd – 5th, 2013 Specials and Promotions:

· 3X crew experience for every battle, 15% credit price discount on all tier X vehicles

· 3 Anniversary Missions: Rewards include 3X crew experience, 50% bonus experience and credits, as well as 2X credits

· “Long Time No See” Gift Shop Packages: Select gift shop packages include bonus M3 Stuart Lend-Lease, Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f) or Tetrarch

1. “Long Time No See” Package #1 – $44.58

· Soviet Tier 3 Premium Light Tank: M3 Light

· Soviet Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank: KV-5

· 2,500 gold and two garage slots

2. “Long Time No See” Package #2 – $90.99

· German Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer: 8.8 cm PaK43 Jagdtiger

· German Tier 4 Premium Heavy Tank: Pz. Kpft. B2 740 (f)

· 10,000 gold, two garage slots and 30 days premium account status

3. “Long Time No See” Package #3 – $51.49

· Soviet Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank: Is-6

· Soviet Tier 2 Premium Light Tank: Tetrarch

· Two garage slots

· Additional Gold and Credit Bundles

o 15 for the 15th Anniversary Package: $15.00

· 15 days of premium account status

· 1,500 gold and 150,000 credits

o Quick Cash Bundle: 2,500 gold and 2,500,000 credits – $28.49

o Big Bucks Bundle: 5,000 gold and 5,000,000 credits – $52.99

o Anniversary Bundle: 15,000 gold and 15,000,000 credits – $141.99

August 2nd – 31st, 2013 Specials and Promotions

· Special Anniversary Garage Theme

· 3 August Missions

o Repeatable missions to earn 300,000 credits

o Repeatable missions to each 5X crew experience

o Daily mission to earn one day of Premium Account status (can be completed once a day)

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