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Warframe’s New Zephyr Prime Now Available

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Digital Extremes has uncaged Zephyr Prime, the Warframe Prime Access version of the airborne destroyer, on all platforms. Concentrating on air attacks, mobility, and strategizing combat from a bird’s eye view, Zephyr Prime is a more powerful version of the standard Zephyr Warframe. Agile and graceful, the beautiful Zephyr is in her element while bending air currents, dash-gliding through the air, and bewildering enemies with stunning dive-bombs from above. The Prime Access program introduces new Prime Warframes players can unlock instantly by purchasing a Prime Access Pack, or by earning/crafting it for free in-game through the Relic system.

With Zephyr Prime Access, Tenno not only gain access to one of the more uncommon Warframes, Zephyr Prime, they also get access to:

  • Zephyr Prime Glyphs: Players can strut their stuff with all-new Glyphs!
  • Tiberon Prime Rifle: Art meets ingenuity with this beautifully deadly rifle.
  • Kronen Prime: Ancient blades, perfected for today’s combat.
  • Zephyr Prime Accessories:
    • Commodore Prime Suit: Players can take command with this regal Operator Suit.
    • Tibor Prime Armor: Direct your pet Kavat to strike fear into enemies with this striking golden armor.
    • Tibor Prime Gene-Masking Kit: Complement your Kavat’s Tibor Armor with an elegant Primed Gene-Mask.
    • BONUS: Kavat Incubator Segment and Kavat Starter Kit.

Zephyr has four powerful Abilities, some which were upgraded during the February re-balance. Tailwind, an airborne hover dash that can transform into a dive bomb. Tail Wind now costs half as much energy when cast in the air while doing more damage, and each enemy hit increases Tail Wind damage by 25% (damage resets upon landing). Dive Bomb also now fires on slight angles, as long as players are looking mostly down; Airburst, a massively dense burst of air that explodes on contact, sending enemies flying (and can combine with Tornado for extra effects); Turbulence, which creates a windshield that deflects enemy projectiles; and Tornado, which Zephyr casts to create a barrage of deadly wind tunnels, sucking enemies in and leaving them defenseless.

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