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Warframe: Plains of Eidolon Launches Today on PC/Steam

Warframe - Plains of Eidolon news - Main Image

It’s time, Warframe fans! Plains of Eidolon, the gigantic update for Warframe is finally here!  The largest update in the game’s history opens up the world like never before! The Open Zone offers kilometers of areas to explore, from mines, caves, lakes, and rivers, with its own continual diurnal/nocturnal cycle for Tenno to enjoy. Things are relatively calm and safe during the day, no matter where you are, but as darkness falls, danger surfaces and only the bravest and strongest of Tenno can overcome this, and seldom alone! That’s just the beginning! Plains of Eidolon introduces an incredible array of fresh content. The range starts with a new glass-themed Warframe, Gara, with new weapons to wield and fashionable Syandanas and Helmets to don, a newly reworked Focus System for Operators to use in conjunction with Warframes to battle Eidolon at night, and a slew of additional content from the Mag Pneuma Collection, to new Mod sets, Achievements, stances, and more.

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