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WarFlow now live

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Earlier this week, DOVOgame announced its new MMORTS, WarFlow. Today, they announced that they have launched their first server, making the game now live for players.

WarFlow is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game, featuring city building, resource management, army management, and both PvE and PvP combat.

DOVOGame also publishes Business Tycoon Online.

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WarFlow’s first server Militia has been launched on Jan 5th

Right after DOVOGAME announced to unveil their first RTS war game WarFlow, they just confirmed earlier today that the first WarFlow server – “Militia” has been launched on Jan 5th.

The brand new war game WarFlow was developed based on flash technologies that produce aimated interfaces and guarantee a user-friendly gaming experience. As a coalition of vivid fighting scenes and varied strategies, WarFlow consists of multiple systems including City, Battles, Legion, Farm, Mine and Heroes, where gamers are able to utilize their advantages to the best to win out.

Pretty much akin to DOVOGAME’s flagship product – BTO (Business Tycoon Online), WarFlow provides a comprehensive solution for heroism, leadership and espirt de corps. During the wars with NPC warlords, gamers will be able to enjoy conquering the toughest battles. Meanwhile in the Legionary battles, gamers have to work together to fight for their common interest and common honor.

The launch of S1 Militia signifies that DOVOGAME gamers have more choice now than ever before. They can choose to fight in a civilized way in BTO as a business tycoon or in a brutal way in WarFlow as a warlord wielding the weapons.
WarFlow, as a browser game, doesn’t require downloads and allows players to experience the whole game without spending a penny. For further details on this new game, check out the official WarFlow website at:

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