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The War of Genesis Reveals Guild Festival and Vengeful Swordsman

War of Genesis Guild Festival

Joycity announced today that the first season of the Guild Festival is now live in The War of Genesis. This will occur on a weekly basis and have players tackling new missions in all difficulties. These will reward players with items such as Special Gear Fragments, 6-Star Hero Essences, Treasure Airship Boxes, and much more. A new hero also arrived in this update, Baek Okdang, the Swordsman from the East. Players can try this hero for five days, and the amount of Summon Stones required to pick him up permanently will be discounted in this time period. In his trial period, he will be equipped with +10 Special Gear to boost his strength and make him a formidable foe.

Along with these exciting reveals, there will be a variety of events centered around heroes, arena, and PVP happening in celebration of the beginning of Autumn but also to prep the community for a big update that has been in development for some time. A new War Server was teased recently, and it will allow players to enter an exclusive zone to fight against opponent airships from other servers to gain resources. Joycity recommends players start building up their strength now to get ready.

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