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War of Conquest fulfills 1/3 of Kickstarter Goal in 24 hours

War of Conquest by Michael Ferrier — Kickstarter - Main Image

Yesterday at noon, IronZog, developer of War of Conquest started a Kickstarter to raise 7000 dollars to finish the development of the game. They’re 34% of the way already which is a testament to the interest in the upcoming open-world strategy game, War of Conquest. If you would like to donate as well, please consider clicking the link below. One of the things that makes it so fascinating as a strategy game, is that all players co-exist on one game map. Thousands of players will do battle on this map, for land, resources, territory, building their defensive structures and making ready for war.

“To expand your nation or move it from one place to another means going around—or through—your neighbors” says Michael Ferrier, founder and lead developer at IronZog. “War of Conquest was designed around this aspect. A nation’s valuable assets are found not so much in the land it holds and the defenses it’s built, which are liable to be conquered, recaptured, rebuilt, destroyed and relocated over and over—but in the technological advances it’s developed, the resources it’s gathered and the alliances it’s engineered.”

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