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Wakfu begins open beta

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Wakfu has officially begun open beta today in North America, allowing players to test the game for free.

The open beta launch includes a new update that removes closed beta restrictions, adds the new Sram’s Shadow class, introduces new characteristics for characters, adds new areas, and more. All closed beta data has been wiped, giving players a clean start as of today.

Wakfu plans to launch in February 2012, with a hybrid free-to-play model that includes a free download and a “large amount” of content available for free, with additional content available for a $6 monthly subscription fee. The game will also offer a cash shop for cosmetic items.

Wakfu is published by Square Enix, which also publishes Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.

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Are you ready? Because we are. WAKFU has now officially transitioned into Open Beta in North America! You and your friends are now able to log into the game freely in order to test the player-driven World of Twelve. See below for details.

With the new Content Update 0.311 well underway, the former restrictions of Closed Beta have been removed. And while you all are rushing to get in, we’re just bursting at the seams with a slew of events and contests that are just waiting to be announced. There’s always something new to enjoy in WAKFU and many there to enjoy it with.

Due to all of the recent changes related with the test phase transition, we’ve put together an accommodating Frequently Asked Questions listing, suitable for both new and returning readers alike.

Have something to share – feedback or a question? Maybe even a bug report or two? Join our community on the Official Forum where there are many fans and staff members willing to lend a helpful hand.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and help make WAKFU a game you completely enjoy in time for our full release in February 2012.

Download the game client: Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.

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