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Vindictus launches Kai

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Nexon has released a new character to Vindictus today — the mercenary archer Kai.  This allows teams to have ranged attack support to take down the hordes of monsters.

Kai features both close range and long distance skills alike, such as Ricochet Shot and Arrow Storm.  A wide variety of customization options are also available in the shop.  Players who create a new Kai character from now until July 23 will receive a support box containing a powerful weapon, seven day passes for inner armor and hair, and five customizations.

Nexon also publishes Mabinogi and Maple Story.

Vindictus “Kai” Trailer


Nexon’s Vindictus adds new mercenary, Kai

Kai brings high-powered archer skills to the visceral world of Vindictus

Nexon America has released new content into its high-intensity, real-physics based MMORPG, Vindictus. The new content features the mercenary Kai, who brings ranged weapons and skills to the game.

The Kai character comes armed with a high-powered bow, allowing teams to have ranged attack support while taking down the hordes of fierce monsters inhabiting Vindictus’ dungeons. Kai has versitile archer skills that allow attacks up close as well as at a distance. Skills include the Ricochet Shot that defies physics as it bounces of multiple targets; the Arrow Storm that drops a shower of arrows on groups of enemies; and the Chain Link that ties and smashes two enemies together with explosive damage.

Kai also comes with a wide variety of customization options that are available in the Avatar Shop. The shop features Kai-specific costume items including hair, armor and other decorative items.

To celebrate the arrival of Kai to Vindictus, Nexon is providing all players who create a Kai character from now through June 23 the “Kai Support Box.” The box contains the powerful Kobold Bow, a seven-day unlimited inner armor pass, a seven-day hair pass and five “Kai’s Buying” character enhancements.

The new Kai content is available to download and play for free at:

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