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Vindictus launches Episode 6

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The sixth major update for Vindictus is now live in North America.

The update adds the new town of Rocheste, where a new branch of the storyline will evolve, including the powerful Black Hammer. A new PvP Duel Mode will let players challenge each other inside a dungeon, and new Expertise skills will let players craft items in cooking, weaponsmithing, sewing, goldsmithing, platesmithing, and armorsmithing. Players may also now choose to transform into a Paladin (Light) or Dark Knight (Darkness) after obtaining special powers.

Vindictus is published by Nexon, which also publishes Mabinogi, MapleStory, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Combat Arms.

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Vindictus Episode 6 Update Now Live

New town, increased level cap, crafting system, PVP and more are all part of today’s update

The monumental Rocheste Royal Cadets content update for Vindictus, Nexon America’s award-winning physics-based action MMORPG, is now freely available for mercenaries everywhere to enjoy.

Today’s update, first previewed at PAX East, introduces a slew of new content to the game, including the town of Rocheste, PVP ‘Duel’ Mode,  the Expertise crafting system, character transformations, an increased Level Cap (now at 70), new dungeons and bosses to conquer and more.

The Story Evolves

Players will find they have been accepted into the Royal Army, which includes access to the city of Rocheste. But reports are surfacing that the town of Colhen has been attacked. Ogres and their minions have put the town to the torch, and players must work with the hero of the Royal Army, Keaghan, to drive them off and save what’s left of the town. But this attack is only the beginning, as rumors abound of a strange presence coming from Fobellow Prairie.

Black Hammer Awaits

A top-ranking commander of the Fomors, Black Hammer has his own plan for the Royal Army and the people of Rocheste. He is a formidable foe, wielding an impossibly huge hammer and sporting jet-black enchanted armor. Facing him and his well-trained minions is one of the greatest challenges the Royal Army has ever faced. Black Hammer’s machinations could unleash a legendary threat on the city that none have ever overcome.

PVP Duel Mode

Players can now challenge their comrades in friendly skirmishes while inside dungeons. This is the first of several planned PVP installments that will be included in future updates.

Expertise System

Players will now be able to learn new Expertise skills to craft a wide variety of useful items to trade, sell or equip. All players level 22 or above can learn cooking, and additionally they can choose between the following five expertise areas: Weaponsmithing (physical weapons), Sewing (cloth armor), Goldsmithing (magical accessories and weapons), Platesmithing (medium and heavy armor) and Armorsmithing (plate armor).

Powerful Transformations

Something is wrong with the oracle, Tieve, and an ancient power held by the mysterious Silent Brotherhood may be her only hope. To harness this power, the player will be tested and must choose the path of light or darkness. This decision opens up the ability for the player to transform during battle into either the righteous Paladin or the shadowy Dark Knight.

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