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Vindictus Episode 8 Part 2 announced

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The second part of Vindictus’ Episode 8 will be added to the game on August 3.

The update will expand the quest line introduced in Episode 8 with another quest. Also new in the update will be a new dungeon, Ainle Catacombs, and two new raid bosses, the Succubus and Glas Ghaibhleann.

Vindictus is published by Nexon, which also publishes Combat Arms and Atlantica Online.

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The epic conclusion of the rebellion at Ortel castle arrives August 3rd with the Episode 8, part 2 content update for Vindictus. Players should be excited to know that a new quest, a new dungeon and two deadly raid bosses are just over the horizon. After the tragic close to the rebellion, things seem to be getting back to normal at Ortel Castle. Keaghan, the childhood friend of many of the Mercenaries and now a high ranking commander in the Royal Army, stills feels as though something is amiss and continues investigating. Throughout the castle, it seems as though the other commanding officers are trying to hide a dark secret from Keaghan. It is up to the mercenaries to help Keaghan uncover the truth and find the true motive behind the rebellion.

New Dungeon: Ainle Catacombs

The upcoming content update allows players to explore the dark depths of the Ainle Catacombs in search of answers. What deadly challenges lay in wait for our mercenaries?

New Raid Bosses

The beautiful yet deadly Succubus will soon make her debut in the world of Vindictus. Strength alone might not be enough to prevail this time – players will need strong willpower to resist the temptations of this beautiful mistress. Lock away your hearts for this seductress will find a way to take it and use it against you.

A new threat of an entirely different variety also awaits players. All the pain and suffering that players have experienced up until now is nothing compared to the horrors that the demonic colossal Glas Ghaibhleann has endured. Now that he will be released from his prison, nothing will keep Glas from taking his vengeance.

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