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Villagers and Heroes Starfall Expansion Gets September Release Date

Villagers & Heroes_ Starfall - Main Image

Mad Otter Games have officially announced the September release of the “Starfall” expansion for Villagers and Heroes: Sept. 27th, 2017! The update is massive, offering a swathe of improvements and features across the board. A level cap raise, new zones, an all-new loot system, a new leveling system featuring new talent trees and feats for all classes, and so much more. On launch day, players are set to receive a free mount, sockets, talent reset potions and a free outfit to get them ready. Launch day will be ready for all players, but the massive changes to older systems will make certain items and content changes for which players should be advised on. Players who want to know everything that’s coming should click the link at the bottom of this post for further details. All auctions will be canceled, pending mail with items will bound to whomever it’s addressed to, equipable gear in community vaults will be deleted. Players should be aware and take the proper precautions. As a final note, there are some items that will be removed, but players will be refunded for:

  • Enhancement Runes: For each enhancement rune on an item, you will receive a full refund of its original gold cost.
  • Gnogmented gear: Any gold spent on gnogmenting items on your character or in your inventory will be fully refunded. This only applies to your most recent gnogmentation of a given item.
  • Item Shop items with talents are not in the game anymore: Any of these items you have will give you a full refund of Crowns.
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