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Villagers & Heroes Halloween Event Returns

Villagers & Heroes Halloween Event Returns

The annual Villagers & Heroes Halloween event zone, Spooky Town, has returned. This special event zone is available to players of all levels and can be reached using the portal in Ardent City.

Improvements to the Spooky Town event this year include:

  • Updated zone map
  • Alerts when bosses are available to battle
  • Improved chances of rewards
  • New Web Witch’s costume
  • 5 new mounts including Witch’s Brooms, Tarantula, Crypt Webling and Deep Webling Spiders
  • New Zombie Claw, Spider Chelicera and Rotten Egg toys to bring mischief to your adventures
  • Return of dozens of costumes and holiday items from previous years’ holiday event

More details about the event and updates that include improvements to the Android version of the game, releasing on October 25, can be found in the patch notes.

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