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Villagers & Heroes Announces ‘Wrath of the Black Thrust’ Expansion

Villagers and HEroes - Wrath of the Black Thrush -image

Mad Otter Games announced today that next week, the latest Villagers & Heroes expansion drops. Entitled “Wrath of the Black Thrush”, the mobile MMORPG grows bigger than ever. A redesigned UI system, added story content and much more await on September 24th, when the expansion launches. A new feature is also coming in this expansion, offering repeatable group content in the form of dungeons. Dungeons offer incredible rewards, competitive tiers based on speed of completion, and repeatable quests. There will be 9 new zones in the expansion as the story against the Black Thrush continues, with new quest mechanics, new characters, bounty bosses and more. There’s also new content for max-level characters, with level 90 players able to tackle the Zorian Marshlands. Let’s not forget mobile features. New touches there include:

  • New grid-based mobile inventory
  • Exciting new art and effects for quest rewards
  • A redesigned, more easy to use main menu
  • All new storage design
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