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Victor Vran gets Hardcore Mode, Soundtrack, Digital Artbook release

Developer Haemimont Games has released Hardcore and Casual modes allowing players to fine tune the difficulty in Victor Vran.

Veteran hunters are challenged to create a Hardcore character and play the game without dying. Hardcore characters can only use equipment found by themselves or other Hardcore characters. If your Hero dies, he isn’t lost completely; he loses his Hardcore status and can still be played.

If you want a more relaxed experience you can switch to the new Casual difficulty and have lots of fun dominating the hordes of monsters. You can switch back and forth between Casual and Normal difficulty at any time.

The great orchestral Soundtrack and the 194 page Digital Artbook can now be purchased via Steam. You can also get the soundtrack on iTunes.

A new video shows the live recording session of the “Archdemon” track, composed by George Strezov and performed by the renowned Sofia Session Orchestra:

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