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Vehicles Make Their Debut In Champions Online

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Cryptic and Perfect World have released a new update introducing vehicles for the first time in Champions Online.

This early launch of the vehicle system is part of the Nighthawk update, in which the superhero calls upon players to take to the skies in Hawkwing jetfighters. These “birds” are the prototype for a more comprehensive vehicle system coming later this year for Champions Online, allowing players to move quickly and fight quickly in outdoor maps. The update also introduces new stealth and gadget powers.

Cryptic Studios also publishes Star Trek Online and the upcoming Neverwinter.

Champions Online: Nighthawk Trailer


Take to the skies with three brand-new prototype Hawkwing jets, available both in goodie-packed chance boxes and a la carte. Get your vehicle today!

There are three designs for the Hawkwing. The Hawkwing Interceptor is the fastest and dishes out the most DPS, while the Hawkwing Heavy Fighter is built to soldier through even the heaviest leadstorms. The Hawkwing Command Ship packs various powers to support its allies.

You can get them either individually, or you can win them as part of the Nighthawk Belt Grab Bag chance box. The Belt has a chance of winning one of the three Hawkwing jets (chosen randomly), Drifter Salvage, plus Nighthawk-themed devices and costume pieces. The Nighthawk Belt Grab Bag is available as a daily reward for completing the Nighthawk mission.

These jets are much more than just a way to travel – they pack a ton of punch in their vehicle-specific powers. These are the first prototypes of our vehicle system, and as fun as they are, the final vehicle system for Champions Online will be even better.

(Blaring “Ride of the Valkyries” is optional, but highly encouraged.)

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