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Valentine’s Day: The West Invites Players on a Hunt for Hearts

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VDay The West

InnoGames’ online role-playing game The West launched a Valentine’s Day event today, leading players on a hunt for hearts! With those hearts, players can unlock up to ten rewards with increasing heart requirements. The first special item to unlock is a traveling fair, with which the players can win unique item sets. Hearts can be earned via regular jobs or in duels with other players until March 2nd.

As appropriate for a day of love event, players will also be rewarded for cooperative behavior. Hearts can be sent to other players via a friends bar, which will be part of a special quest line. Furthermore, all hearts collected on one world will be accumulated. The more successful the community is here, the more valuable the rewards given to them will be. Those community rewards can be items given to every single player on that world, and include things like a new questline.

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