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Vainglory Update 2.3 Now Available

Vainglory Update 2.3 Now Available

Vainglory has announced the launch of update 2.3, which introduces a new Hero Hub and much more.

Update 2.3 features:

  • All-Access Pass: A replacement for boosts, this pass unlocks all heroes for a select set of time, with a 50% Glory boost, Sunlight and Guild Fame boost and unlocked Charms.
  • Charms Pass: The new charms pass lets players use taunts, dances, and emotes.
  • New Hero Skins: Rare ‘Elite Force’ Idris, Rare ‘Gangster’ Gwen and Rare ‘Elite Force’ Baron join the visual roster.
  • Hero Hub: Players can now review all of their hero abilities, skins, lore, and spotlights in a single place.
  • Revamped Practice Mode & More.

To find out everything that’s new, check out the Vainglory developer blog.

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