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Uncharted Waters Online Unveils Tierra American Update

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CJ Games Global has expanded Uncharted Waters Online today with a new update, dubbed the Tierra American Chapter.

New features with the update include company improvements to improve the perks of company life with trial memberships, open invitations, and simplified enrollment. Players who attend Sailor’s school as a new player will earn a special ship tailored to the player’s profession upon graduation. Auto-sail mode has also been improved with increased range for sailors.

Battle campaigns will now let players engage in 2 versus 2 duels as a new small-battle option for players, in addition to the existing 5v5 and 10v10 battles.

Also new are Oxford University Lectures, held Monday at 11am Pacific, granting bonus experience and rewards; and new pets including the Siamese cat, coyote, Calico cat, and Persian Cat.

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