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Uncharted Waters Online Sails To The Great Plains

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Netmarble has released today the Great Plains expansion for Uncharted Waters Online.

The third chapter of the North American expansion, The Great Plains introduces the world of the Wild West to players. The update adds new areas, quests, and discoveries, including Battersea Shield and Hadrian’s Wall and a new guild settlement city with a warm climate. Players can also visit Oxford and its University, learn the pirate code and earn the Cranio Espada title, and expand their storage further. The Epic Sea Feud will also rage on between June 28 and 30.

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Learn The Pirate Code And Take A Trip To Oxford In Great Plains Expansion of Uncharted Waters Online

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – June 28 2012 – CJ E&M (, today announced the next major expansion of its seafaring MMO Uncharted Waters Online™, extending to the Great Plains. The Great Plains Expansion is the third chapter of North American Expansion of the Uncharted Waters Online, Tierra Americana.

The Great Plains expansion introduces The Wild West to all sailors in the Uncharted Waters Online. Great Plains is a broad expanse of flat land, covered in prairie, steppe and grassland. This land accounts for about one third of America stretching from the north to the south of the North American continent. Great Plains is also combined with new content throughout the Uncharted Waters globe.

What’s New In Great Plains?

Questing and Adventure along the Great Plains – New Quests and Discoveries will be added in the North America, in which players will search and discover national monuments and animals. New content includes Battersea Shield and Hadrian’s Wall among others.

The Unexplored Guild Settlement City – The location of the new colony is somewhere north of Merida in the Gulf of Mexico and includes Florida and Louisiana. Both locations are the only places where certain grains can be raised because of their warm climate. Build your own city with great features and landscape!

What’s New in Uncharted Waters Online?

Welcome to Oxford! – Even in Uncharted Waters Online, Oxford is a city of academic excellence where highly specialized research activities. In the center of the city and at the top of the academic society is the ‘University’, where students and navigators are also welcome to participate in their research and the results are summarized in the form of a thesis, through which you can learn new navigation skills and gain special skills.

Learning the Pirate Code – As rookie navigators sailing out to the ocean for the first time, they can now feel safe knowing that there is a new pirate code.

Boost your pirate ego with the title, ‘Cranio Espada’, a title only given to the most feared pirates. Even infamous pirates hesitate to use this title as the reputation of ‘Cranio Espada’ is a hard one to live up to. New vessels, Xebec Frigate and Roman Galley, suitable for intermediate navigators will be added, particularly for players in Europe.

Sharing, Shipping and Storing your Items Common Storage (No.2) and Strongbox will help enhance your gaming experience. Common Storage, a paid item, enables you to share an item warehouse and a ship warehouse among all your characters within the same server. Strongbox enables you to use up to 30 special slots for storing items even while sailing.

Starting June 28th through June 30th find yourself in Uncharted Waters Online for The Epic Sea Feud, sure to be one of the greatest sea battles. Watch France as they ally with Spain to defend against the mighty force of the Venice along with their allies the Netherlands and Ottomans!

New features in the Great Plains Expansion of Uncharted Waters Online help existing and new players dive right into world of Tierra Americana. Join The Epic Sea Feud and start with a splash!

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