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Uncharted Waters Online Gets Steam Powered

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Uncharted Waters Online

Netmarble opens a new port of call as Uncharted Waters Online, the strategic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for PC, becomes available on Steam. Interested players can register to play for free on Steam, where they now can chart their own nautical adventure on the high seas along with allies and competitors from Netmarble.

“The Uncharted Waters franchise has undergone major changes to adapt to the constantly evolving videogame landscape since its beginning in the early 1990s as a console game,” said Jon-Enée Merriex, producer, Netmarble. “The Steam launch opens the door to a passionate community of more than 40 million players and marks a new era for the beloved game. With the increasing number of free-to-play games on Steam, this is a great time for us to venture into new territory.”

To celebrate the launch of Uncharted Waters Online on Steam, Netmarble is releasing three item packages designed to help new and veteran sailors alike on their journeys. Additionally, the purchase of any pack will unlock an exclusive “STEAM Explorer” in-game title. Packages include:

  • Steam Booster Pack provides a 30 percent experience point boost and faster ship speed for seven days. Additionally, players won’t have to return to a port to revive sailors lost at sea with this pack.
  • Steam Premium Pack rewards players with 200 million ducats (the in-game currency) and provides a 50 percent experience point boost and faster ship speed for seven days. Players will also have a chance to win rare items, including ships.
  • Sea Adventure Pack endows a sailor with 300 million ducats and a 50 percent experience boost for 15 days. The pack also features exclusive items, including a custom Arabian Galley, dragon crest and admiral’s coat.
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