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Uforia Bankrupt? All Their Games Are Down

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Without any major announcement from Uforia in over 3 months and their game servers being down, it’s safe to say that the they are bankrupt. The Uforia website and forums remains alive, but their servers for the games they publish have been shut down. Even though no formal announcement has been made by Uforia, players trying to connect to their games are met with error messages. This has been going on for over a month now and it’s safe to assume that they are indeed dead. Uforia published Mercenary Wars, Red War, Nostale, and Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins. Here’s what’s going on with each of these games.

Mercenary Wars – The game is most certainly dead. The game isn’t published by anyone else so it’ll be joining the MMO Graveyard.

Red War – This game is also most certainly dead. The game isn’t published by anyone else so it’ll also be joining the MMO Graveyard.

NosTale – This was easily the most popular game the company published. The global service also shut down, but the game is STILL AVAILABLE on GameForge. (We updated our game page for NosTale to link to the GameForge version of NosTale)

Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins – This game has been dead for quite a while now. It’s already in the MMO Graveyard.

Red War – One of Uforia’s Dead Games

Players who spent time, money or both on their characters on any of Uforia’s games have a right to be upset, as they didn’t even bother to announce that they would be shutting their games down. Keep in mind, NosTale will still be available through GameForge. You can find the link to the game at the MMOHuts NosTale Review Page. I’ve played several of Uforia’s games in the past and  they were easily one of the worst MMO publishers out there, so I’m not too surprised that they shut down. It’s always sad to see a free to play game or company shut down, but Uforia shutting down shouldn’t have came as as surprise to anyone, as they had the worst service, rarely updated their games and most of their games had very low playerbases to begin with.

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