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Tynon Introduces Naga Race

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uCool, makers of Tynon, have revealed another new race and recruitable characters for the upcoming game.

The Staa’shesk are a serpent-like species that make their capital in Thlacyso. They lack complicated emotions and act on basic instincts, causing them to see other races and inferior; however, they can also be cunning and intelligent.

Players will be able to recruit Staa’shesk, including Silekeha, an exiled Naga, and Chathoske the Lightning Witch, who hides in the corner of the underground sea, hungering for more magical power.

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Race Profile: The Staa’shesk

In Tynon, the serpent-like Naga are known as the “Staa’shesk”, fearsome creatures that dwell within the capital city of Thlacyso. On your journey through Tynon, you will visit the dark, seaside caverns of Verdant City and face these snake-like foes…

The Staa’shesk are tall, reptilian creatures who lack complicated emotions and possess the most basic instincts: anger, fear, hunger, and greed, which leads them to view other races as inferior. Most of their actions are driven simply by their desires for food, shelter, sleep and achieving power. Despite these seemingly basic traits, members of the Staa’shesk can be extremely intelligent and cunning, making these creatures extremely deadly.

Throughout their journey, heroes will encounter Staa’shesk who will join their quest to retake the realm of Tynon. The first such warrior is Silekeha, whose ambitions for the Cerulean Crown were halted by a conspiracy led by the warrior Yihosab. Rather than slay Silekeha, Yihosab instead chose to strip Silekeha of his weapons and titles, banishing him to live in exile. Never one to fade quietly, Silekeha continues to hone his deadly magic while looking for an opportunity to strike back.

While many Staa’shesk yearn to conquer, one such warrior, Chathoske the “Lightning Witch” is not ruled by her ambition to dominate but rather her hunger for even greater magical power. This makes her extremely valuable to Staa’shesk rulers, although they’re often careful not to upset her violent and unstable temper. She shuts herself away in a tower on the edge of the underground sea, where it is said even the tides fear to approach.

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