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Twitch Prime – Last Call For Free Loot in Path of Exile, Smite and More

Twitch Prime Loot

Twitch Prime presently has over $200 worth of loot for a variety of online games right now, but time is running out. SMITE, Path of Exile, Starcraft II, World of Tanks, TERA & Closers are all represented on Twitch. Twitch users that have Twitch Prime can receive tons of free content for games month in and month out. They have already given out more than $900 of free games and content this year, and in addition to what is listed below, there is also 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online, and loot for League of Legends and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Offers ending soon include:

  • Path of Exile – Purple Divine Sign, Purple Skull and Lavender Weapon Effect (ends May 23)

  • Starcraft II – Swann Co-op Commander, Announcer, Console Skin, and more – including emoticons and sprays featuring your favorite Twitch emotes (ends May 23)

  • SMITE – SMITE Gladiator Thor Bundle and the EXCLUSIVE Paladins Pyre Warrior Drogoz skin (ends May 24)

  • World of Tanks – In-game loot including the Elite Amethyst customization skin, 14-day trial, and discounts on two Premium tanks, one day of Premium Account Time, and more (ends May 30)

  • Tera & Closers – Exclusive Armor & Costume Pieces, Elite Status, Boosts, and more (ends May 24)

Plus, members can claim indie favorites Whispering Willows, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, The Little Acre, Majesty 1 and Majesty 2 from May’s Free Games with Prime collection.

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