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Twelve Sky 2 preview January update

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Twelve Sky 2 has announced that it will be updating on January 26th.

The update will unlock Deity Level 4, raising the level cap to 149. A Clan-based PvP map, the Coliseum, will also be introduced. Adept level 1-22 quests will become available for all clans.

The following new maps will be added:

  • Blossom Garden (D1-D4) 1.5x EXP Gain!
  • Ancient Mines (D1-D2)
  • Ancient Abyss (D3-D4)
  • Labyrinth (D1-D4)
  • Stone Outpost (D1-D4) Hourly War Map!
  • Fairy Palace (D1-D4) Premium Map (requires Imperial Edict) 1.5x EXP Gain!
  • Lost Tomb (D1-D4) Premium Map (requires Imperial Edict)
  • Dark Soul Cave 3rd~8th (>D1) 1.5x EXP Gain!
  • “[Highlands (110-112)]”
  • “[Highlands (A1-A10)]”
  • “[Highlands (A11-A20)]”
  • “[Highlands (A21-A30)]”
  • “[Highlands (A31-A33)]”
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