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Twelve Sky 2 God System Expansion Released

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Aeria Games has recently released a new expansion for their free to play martial arts MMORPG Twelve Sky 2. This expansion is known as ‘God System’ and comes with a host of new features. Below are some of the prominent updates:

  1. New level cap raised from M33 to G4! Gain 100 stat points per level!
  2. 20 fantastic new skills and animations! Hundreds of new Elite/Rare items and monsters!
  3. Four new mounts! Tear enemies apart with Cerulean Tiger, Raging Boar, Celestial Stag and NEW Feral Bear!
  4. Explore New zones! Including the new 24 hour PVP arena, the “Proving Grounds.” Step up to the challenge.

Aeria Games is one of the largest publishers of free to play games in North America. Other titles by Aeria include Shaiya, Last Chaos, Grand Fantasia, MegaTen, Dream of Mirror Online, Wolf Team, Project Torque, Hello Kitty Online, and the original Twelve Sky.

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