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Twelve Sky 2 Battle of the Gods PvP Tournament

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Aeria Games is holding an epic PvP tournament in their martial arts MMORPG Twelve Sky 2. The sequel to the original widely popular Twelve Sky, Twelve Sky 2 offers vastly improved visuals and brings the game up to line with current technology.

Players should read more about the tournament and the rules on the official site, but I’ll offer a brief summary here. There’s a lot at stake in this contest. The grand prize for the tournament is access to the WarGod skill of the winner’s choice. This will be the first time a WarGod skill will be given on each server, so there’s a lot on the line.

A number of small prizes are also available. Each server will have its tournament at a different time so prospective participants should check out the full release below. Aeria publishes many other free to play MMORPGs including Last Chaos, Shaiya, Grand Fantasia, MegaTen, Dream of Mirror Online, and Turf Battles. They’ve also got another one coming up called Kingdom Heroes.

Full Release:

Battle of the Gods: PVP Tournament

Sharpen your swords and polish your armor… It’s time for the most epic PVP tournament in Twelve Sky 2 history!

Competitors will battle for the most coveted prize: To be the first and only player on their server to utilize the mighty WARGOD Skill. Other great prizes include:

* Full sets of 120% enchanted armor and weapons

* Mounts of your Choice

Join the tournament today, and may the best team win! Continue Here to Tournament Rules


GRAND PRIZE: WARGOD SKILL OF YOUR CHOICE! (THE ONLY ONE ON THE SERVER) Two will enter; only one will leave as the ultimate victor!

Final Team Winners: Full 120% Gear

Finalist Teams: 5k CP, Mount of your choice

Semi-Finalist Teams: Mount of your choice All Participants:Scroll of Gods

Tournament Dates:

Tournament Date 5/16—— Redemption

Tournament Date 5/23– Tranquility

Tournament Date 5/30—– Nemesis

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