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Trove – Ice Sage Class Now Available

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Today heralds the arrival of a new ranged class in Trove: the Ice Sage. Hurling frozen magic at enemies, the Ice Sage is the coolest caster on the block. Make use of such abilities as:

  1. Coldhearted (Passive): Basic attacks will blast enemies with icicles, applying a chilling slow effect. Additionally, you will never slide when walking on ice.
  2. Ice Crash: Conjure and release an enormous icicle high above your enemies, then watch as they are caught in its deadly descent!
  3. Frozen Ward: This powerful magic completely absorbs the next incoming attack. Your icy immunity also imbues you with a speed boost while active!
  4. The Big Chill (Ultimate): Explode in an intense focused blast of frigid magic, freezing and damaging enemies caught in your wintry wake.

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