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Trove: Geode Thoughts in Brief

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One of the reasons I love Trove is that it’s a Voxel game (that I normally dislike) that sincerely does something different. It’s part MMO, part Voxel Building Game. It’s a delightful concept, and this Trove: Geode update is taking in yet another direction. When I found out it was less combat oriented I was admittedly a little worried. That’s one of the reasons I like Trove, is the combat! That aside, this is a positive for the game, because no matter what level you are, no matter how good your gear is, you can still come to the world of Geode and explore, and experience something different in the Trove universe: A pure, story-driven experience that you don’t need to grind incredibly powerful gear and levels for. That’s important, and it’s also pretty damn interesting. The way it works is that there are three new areas to explore, that is absolutely damn huge. This is a land of pacifists, so no aggressive attacks/equipment is allowed. Instead, you have Modules, and these can be leveled up as you go, to increase their efficiency. The area will explain pretty much everything you need to know in an easy-to-understand manner, and there are adorable companions, monsters, and many of these monsters need your help! If you’re going to succeed on Geode, you have to be aware of the needs of the people.

Is it hungry? Use “Critter Treats”
Is the Critter injured? Use the “Curing Kit”
Is the little creature cold? Use the “Comfort Blanket”
Is it overburdened? Use the “Omni Tool”.

You can’t just fly around in these caves or use your fancy vehicles, either.  All that stuff has to stay at home. Instead, you get an awesome Climbing Claw (seriously, it’s awesome) that you can use to hook to ledges/walls/et cetera and leap up to where you need to go or stun aggressive critters. There are some critters that explode and you don’t want to get caught in it, so make sure you’re aware of that. These caves have Tier levels that determine how long you can survive down there, but that’s what the improved gear is for. If your GAS runs out, the Geodians will return you back to the Hub, so you don’t perish. That’s awful nice of them. But the further down you go, the rarer the materials you find are, and if you can come across a dead end cave, that’s probably a lair. Lairs have really amazing resources and can have Eggs in them from Tier 2 and above.  Like I said, there are three types of cave areas to explore. Biomes, if you will. Verdant Veins, Moonglow Grotto and Sunken Sunvault.  There are resources that are shared between the three, like Crystals, Day Drops, Gleamstone, et cetera. But there are some exclusives between the three. I’m just going to give a few examples.

Sunken Sunvault: Sun Sap, Blazine, Fireheart Flower, Everlight.
Verdant Veins: Cave Kelp, Geminite, Chronozine, Mightstone.
Moonglow Grotto: Dream Dew, Quirkstone, Lunarmium, Queen Trumpets.

Trove: Geode is truly something special in the Trove universe. It’s more narrative/story-driven, it’s not focused on the grind for gear (which admittedly, can be really frustrating in ANY MMO), and it’s charming. I haven’t played the Trove Battle Royale quite yet, but it’s on my “list of things to try” that I might get to in the near future. In the event I can’t embed this, I’m going to drop the Twitch stream of my first run of Trove: Geode right here. I also included the Patch Notes below, because there is an absolute wealth of updates and content in this expansion, like the Revenant Rework! I read over it, and I do want to give it a try and see what I think, because I used to play a Revenant on PC. But Geode is a blast, and I recommend it!

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