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Trove Console Megalithic Update Press Preview


Recently, Trove announced its Megalithic update is coming to console, with a bonus themed update for PC. For the most part, this content is not new for PC players. There are some updates coming to Trove that players on PC will want to be familiar with [such as the Extra Life bundle and Marketplace/Store changes], but the vast majority they will already know. The Megalithic Update brings a new class and biome to the fantastic free-to-play title Trove, a game I’ve been fond of. I did our original review and loved it, but kind of fell away from it. Then it came to PS4 and I fell in love all over again! There are a few very cool things that are coming in this update, and it should all be live by the time this piece comes out! The Trove team was nice enough to offer us a guided tour of everything new.

Trove Console Megalithic Update Press Preview

The Dino Tamer arrives.

New Class!

There’s a new class, and it’s awesome! The Dino Tamer will be available on console and is a summoner styled class. They can summon three types of dinos: a pterodactyl, a raptor, and a triceratops. Each has its own role: the triceratops tanks, the raptor is for pure DPS, and the pterodactyl combines DPS with crowd control utility. Dino Tamer is a ranged DPS class and its primary weapon is a dart that does a DOT [damage over time]. They can also toss a snaring net which slows down anything that is hit by it or runs through it and also deals damage. They look incredibly fun, and I do love the creativity that goes into the Trove classes. And I have to say: the dinosaurs look similar to the Dinobots from Transformers: Gen 1. The resemblance to them is absolutely uncanny, except for a lack of Grimlock. The ultimate power summons a rideable dinosaur that spits acid and does pretty great damage, in addition to a little AOE stun when you summon your dino-pals.

Trove Console Megalithic Update Press Preview

The dank jungle hides many dangers.

New Biome: Jungle

There’s a new jungle biome that’s just terrific and broken into two parts. It’s important to note that it won’t be seen earlier than Uber-4, so be aware if you’re yearning to do battle with crocs, dinosaurs, and such. The first half of the Jungle is more of a swamp, with dragonflies, alligators, and similar creatures. It’s the only part of the biome where you can set your Cornerstone [home].

One of the cool things I saw in the area was a player-made gigantic meteor that looked as if it were going to topple the zone any minute. This new biome is a blend of player-made and staff created content, and it’s just amazing to behold. You can’t place your Cornerstone in the actual Jungle Canopy area, but that’s where the majority of the cool world bosses, and worthwhile farming will be done. That’s where the T-Rexes and mega dinos will be found! Now that’s going to be a crazy challenge. Meteorite will also be found in this biome, which is a new resource with which you can craft jungle recipes/costumes. Getting to this new resource takes accessing the top of a meteor with air blocks. There will also be some costumes in the Chaos Crafter that will require them as well.

Trove Console Megalithic Update Press Preview

Fire, a plastic block person's worst nightmare.

Dino Attack Event:

With the addition of this biome and class, there’s a new Dino Attack event coming, and players on all platforms will all be able to enjoy it! It’s a nine quest chain event, and I’m glad that not only console players will be privy to it. That wouldn’t be fair at all! You get daily login rewards for 14 days, a day of Patron for example [which is great for people that don’t have it]! Chaos Chests will drop at the end of dungeons/lairs, which is a good way to get those for free. Chaos Chests will become untradeable at this point [the ones you have before this will still be tradeable]. For example, if you get a really sick, rare mount that you want to sell because you already have it, you can’t do that anymore. Instead you can break them down into Chaos Ore, to make the item you want from the Chaos Crafting station. However with this comes an awesome ability to craft Class unlock tokens!

Extra Stuff:

At the top of the hour, console players will find a portal in the Hub World that leads to one of two mini-games: a racing game or a coin collecting game, both of which will help people complete their challenges for their own rewards. There will be a prompt to remind you to go back for it, if that’s your wish. They pretty much speak for themselves and promise to be a lot of fun.

Trove Console Megalithic Update Press Preview

This creature is literally the sprinkles on top of this update.

There were also some changes to the store! There’s a new “Fast Fortune” pack, which gives two Radiant Sovereigns, two EXP Potions, two Gem Empowered Boxes, and thirty Booster Boxes. The Sovereigns can be used to purchase a variety of items, like Titans Treasure, Golden Chaos Chests, and Party Animals. In addition there’s a new login system. Instead of the chests that you get for logging in, soon you’ll be getting what are called Celestial Tokens [1 per day]. You can use one for a variation of what you get now, or save nine for a Chaos Chest Premium! Or you can be bold and save eighteen to get bigger rewards. Some examples of this are Aurium the Dragon in July, and some other cool rewards to come in the month of August. The goal is to help players attain things a bit faster and make them happy. There are also seven new dragons! These include Inora, Flame of Enlightenment and Dracocolatl, the Mellower!

There’s also the Extra Life pack which is coming today! I’m sure most folks are familiar with the children’s charity, Extra Life. The pack comes with four costumes, six mounts, fourteen allies, eighteen styles, thirty Patrons, and two dragons! The dragons are so cool.. They’re so damn cool. But Extra Life is a wonderful charity, and they’re going to be donating half the proceeds [up to $40,000] to the charity and I have zero doubt that they’ll hit it. The thing I want in it, and plan on acquiring, is the Corgi Dragon. Yes, it’s an adorable corgi, that’s also a dragon, spits fire, and has that derpy little Corgi Body. And you can ride around on it and cause havoc. It’s the best Dragon I’ve seen in a game ever. It’s deserving of an upper-case. So if you play Trove and want to donate to a great cause, keep an eye on this starting today! It goes on sale from today til July 31st.

 Console is now getting FR/DE translation, which is great for those folks. And Trophies are going to be working as intended! There were some other things talked about, but I can’t discuss those yet! Still super secret, until the time is right. But fear not, friends! I’ll share when I can. But this is a nice update to the console scene! I could have played this anytime I wanted on PC, but I think console Trove is where it’s at for me. It just feels right there. Thanks to the Trion Team for inviting me to come see it, and I hope to see you guys out there in the Hub World, exploring this new content!

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