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Trojan Treasure Trove event added to Atlantica Online

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Atlantica Online has recently updated to add a new dungeon event, called “Trojan Treasure Trove.”

Located in Angkor Wat in Southeast Asia, players can find the treasures stashed away once by the Naga Clan, including the Troy Treasure Chest, which contains rare dual-colored wings and armed mounts. Killing bonus monsters will allow players to collect Troy Medallions, which can then be taken to Guide Acongs to create special keys. These keys can be used to open a key to one of the Repositoriums, which may be entered by parties of level 50+ players to face the enemies within for ten minutes at a chance for the treasure.

Atlantica Online is published by Ndoors Interactive, which also publishes WonderKing.

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Trojan Treasure Trove Comes to Atlantica Online

Atlantians can now experience the challenging Troy Event Dungeon

Atlantica Online, a strategic turn-based MMO, has added a brand new dungeon event entitled “Trojan Treasure Trove,” which is an opportunity for players to win exclusive loot, rare mounts and other treasures in a foreboding temple guarded by the most cunning creatures.

The Trojan Treasure Trove takes place in the lauded Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple located in the Southeast Asia portion of the Atlantica Online global map. It’s here in the Angkor Wat caverns that the Naga Clan stowed all of their earthly treasure, including everything from healing items and crystals to enchanted stones and crafting materials. Also stored amongst the Naga Clan’s possessions is the Troy Treasure Chest, which contains armed mounts and extremely rare items such as Lilith Wings, special dual-colored wings that can only be obtained in Atlantica Online events.

After killing certain bonus monsters, players can collect Troy Medallions, which can be taken to the two wise Guide Acongs. The Guides will use this ore to create special keys that unlock the sealed doors to the inner temple’s hidden Repositoriums. Level 50 players, along with up to two friends and six mercenaries, can spend up to ten minutes inside one of the Repositoriums. They must be prepared however to face the treasure hunters, ferocious monsters that fiercely guard the treasure of Angkor Wat.

In an unprecedented alliance, the Naga Clan will allow players to enter the hidden Repositoriums to rid them of the evil treasure hunters, and in return will permit players and their friends to keep any found treasure. As a bonus, everyone in a party can earn extra rewards depending on the number of treasure hunters defeated, but Atlantians beware: the treasure chests will disappear after ten minutes, so players should make sure to bring their quickest friends and mercenaries to the battle.

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