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Trion Worlds Prepares to Ramp Up ArcheAge News

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A recent post from Trion Worlds teases plans that the hype train is preparing to leave station for their partnered publishing with XLGames for sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge! The post discusses a recent visit to Seoul by Trion to check up on updates that may or may not be brought overseas for the North American localized version of the game.

ArcheAge Update 2014

Highlights of the post mention new demos happening for press attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month. This coincides with news of a newly hired community manager and official western forums with plenty more regular news updates to follow.

Also for those not aware of this already, they want to emphasize you can be sky pirates, joining together with a small band of friends to raid lightly defended caravans from the air utilizing their fast and fun air gliders. Now they’re speaking our language!

Read the full details on the official blog post.

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