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Trion Worlds Acquires Gazillion Assets, Plans to Expand Publishing Partnerships

Trion Worlds - Gazillion Purchase

Trion Worlds revealed today that they acquired the assets and production materials from the closure of Gazillion Entertainment. They will be utilizing these materials to create new products and new IPs. Per this sale, Tiron Worlds obtains all licenses, trademarks, patents, and domains, in addition to their library of games. This acquisition builds on Trion’s role as a publishing partner, capable of bolstering game developers in many key areas – operations, networking, performance, security, player acquisition and analytics on a global scale. The growth of technical capabilities coupled with the Trion Glyph program has put them in a position to offer partners a powerful suite of support and infrastructure for their games. It will be interesting to see what comes of this purchase, and how those assets will be used.

“Gazillion was a great team with an incredibly talented staff that put a tremendous amount of effort into their creations. A number of our own worked there in the past,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. “While we’re saddened that the company shut down, we feel fortunate to be in a position to give their hard work a new lease on life, and provide other developers with a great boost they may not get otherwise.”

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