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Trials of Ascension Releases Combat Demo Video

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Trails of Asension

Forged Chaos is pleased to announce the release of their Combat Demo video for Trials of Ascension. The video showcases the combat system of Trials of Ascension, including their unique multi-motion action system.
Trial of Ascension’s combat design is based on the very simple idea of you swinging, shooting, throwing, or defending in the direction you are aiming by using the left mouse button to control one arm and the right mouse button to control the other arm. There will be no locking onto a target by clicking on/tabbing to it. Depending on the motion that players use while attacking, the motion for their attack changes. Players can double click to block.

Beyond this very straight-forward setup will be the ability to dodge by double tapping the movement keys, and doing a power attack by releasing the attack button after holding it down for a certain length of time.

Still further, you will have five slots in which to put in combat techniques you’ve learned. These techniques are of both the offensive and defensive type and depend on which weapon type(s) you have equipped. Clicking on a technique will toggle it as the active strategy you want your character to use. Clicking it again, or clicking a different technique will deactivate it. You can have only two techniques active at any one time. This can allow you to setup an offensive strategy by toggling two offensive techniques, a defensive strategy by toggling two defensive techniques, or a balanced strategy by toggling one of each.

While a technique is active, your character will attempt said technique with each strike or block. As an example, if you toggle the disarm technique on, your character will attempt to disarm with each strike. The amount of technique points he has in disarm will determine how successful he is.

For nearly every technique, there will be a counter. Using the disarm example, a defensive technique of ‘grip’ could be toggled to curb the effects of the disarmer you’re fighting.

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