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Trials of Ascension Prepares For Kickstarter Campaign

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Trials of Ascension Kickstarter

Forged Chaos has announced that on February 19th at 3pm EST, it will launch a new Kickstarter page for Trials of Ascension, featuring new images, video, information, and rewards. The developers said in a newsletter:

Countless hours upon hours went into its preparation. We utilized our demo testers to create exciting video content. We organized a focus group using pillars of the community to critique three versions of the pages. Professionals were brought in to help us with our information content and video production; custom artwork was commissioned and a special surprise waits for our fans at the very end of the KS video! Even new rewards are being offered for backing, including special Early Bird rewards, allowing you to back at higher tiers for less!

We’ve done everything we can to show the world proof of concept and capability. Magic, combat, crafting, gathering, construction, and everything else from our roadmap has been completed. Additional content has also been introduced, exceeding our initial goals! And every bit of it is a solid base for us to continue to build on. It’s not just flash and fluff to impress you, it’s whole systems!

Soon, it will all be in your hands, so please, let’s make this happen. Tell everyone you know and pledge as much as you can so we can all enjoy Trials of Ascension!

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