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Trials of Ascension: New Demo Testing Incoming

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Forged Chaos, the creators behind Trails of Ascension, an immersive Sandbox MMORPG, has recently revealed that one of their development goals have been met: Players will now be able to raise dragons from birth to adulthood and take them along on massive adventures.

They also had more demo testing for all those that have backed their game through crowd-funding, with a slew of new screenshots for players to show off functional of several gameplay systems and mechanics.

Lastly, they’re promoting a two-year anniversary sale as a way of saying thanks to all supporters.

Starting September 12th, the sale will include:

  • Add a number of new items to the store!
  • Discount nearly everything currently in the store!
  • Bring back a number of items that were fan favorites!
  • And more.

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